Saturday, March 26, 2011

In The Pink - Pink Saturday

This is the photo I used for the header on this blog!  I am still astonished when I look at this photo.  And indeed, it is perfect for Pink Saturday!

Happy Pink Saturday to all.  For more wonderful things in pink, visit Beverly at  How Sweet The Sound!


  1. What is astonishing is the triangle in the clouds. I too share in your passion of photographing the skies. Do you participate in Skywatch Friday? HPS!
    Joyce M

  2. It is perfect! I love clouds too...can watch them forever and love capturing photos of them.

  3. Some of my happy childhood memories involve kicking back in the tall grass, watching the clouds and finding all of the "things" that appeared above us. I'm so glad you capture some of this magic still!!!

  4. How wonderful!
    Happy Pink in Sunday.


  5. I can see why you would want this cloud shot as a header. I have seen many a cloud show, but never one with clouds this pink. Very, very pretty.