Thursday, October 11, 2012

Stormy Sun Heart -Guest Heart Thursday

This untouched photo was caught over the back fence last Spring, as a storm was approaching.  We haven't had any rain since early July.  This weekend there is an ocean of storms aimed right at the Pacific Northwest, with wave after wave of precipitation anticipated.  By Tuesday, we will have had over two inches of rain!

I have enjoyed this Indian Summer more than ever.  We haven't had one in over four years.  I am an Oregonian and I love the rain.  You've heard the joke, I'm sure, that Oregonians don't tan...they rust?  Well, it is true.  But after four years of truly soggy weather--I have enjoyed the sun more than I dare say.

As the storms approach, my husband and I have been weatherproofing our home like mad.  We live in a historical home.  It is a LOT of hard work to keep it up.  But well worth the effort.  Let the rains come!!

Have a lovely day, everyone! 

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  1. What a wonderful storm heart! I only hope we don't get TOO much rain ... we definitely need a good soaking, though! Now, where DID I put that umbrella???

  2. Oh I love this... love from above:-)