Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Harvest Moon -Skywatch Friday

Last night was the full moon.  Here you see my shot of the moon cradled by the leaves of the trees. 

Not only is it full, but it is called a Harvest Moon.  In the  not so distant past, before there were lights and electricity, farmers would harvest their crops by the light of the the full moon.  The Harvest Moon is different every year. In 2014, the it comes one month after the year’s closest and largest full moon, which was August 10th.  In some months, the full moon orbits closer to the earth others and so it appears bigger.  Because of this, last night's Harvest Moon counts as what they call a Super Moon.  Fascinating, don't you think?

When I look up at the moon I am in awe of its perfect round shape--how it just hangs there in space.  I have read all the scientific data on why it stays there--but I am ever bewitched and enchanted by the beauty of a full moon.  This was posted earlier in the month, but I thought all my SkyWatch friends would enjoy these pictures of this month's super full moon.

If you love clouds and the skies as much as I do--join SkyWatch Friday to see all the amazing things to be found by looking up.  Happy SkyWatch Friday and have a lovely weekend. 



  1. Nice and very interesting moon between the branches! Beautiful photos!

  2. Thank you for wharing your photo. The picture through the leaves is great.

  3. Fantastic moon shots. Mine always come out with the moon so small. What lens did you use?

  4. Beautiful photos. I didn't know about farmer's harvesting by the moonlight. Now I want to sing, "Shine on. Shine on, Harvest Moon. Di-doo, di-doo."

  5. Lovely shots - especially the lattice work on the moon in the first one.

  6. the first one is mystery, a bit magic :)