Thursday, March 22, 2012

Snow Cloud Heart - Guest Heart Thursday

The daffodils, violets, crocus and flowering plums have been blossoming since mid-January.  We thought winter was done, when two days ago the snow started to fall.  Last night brought nearly five inches of snow--Winter's last hurrah before Spring's embrace melts the cold away.   Above you see the storm clouds as they blew in from the South.  Clearly you can see Winter's heart.

This afternoon, as the snow clouds cleared and the warm sunlight melted the snow away, I stepped outside for a breath of fresh air.  Glancing upward, I noticed Spring was playing softball!  (grin)

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  1. I always enjoy your stories that goes with the photos. Amazing!

  2. Oh Sissie! What a wonderful way to say a hearty "good bye" to Mr. Winter!!! I'm soooo tired of being cold ...

    I like the baseball game too; even though I'm not a big baseball fan - this is ONE game I would definitely watch!!!

  3. lovely to see the sky through your lens, heart and words. thank you.