Saturday, November 6, 2010

Sea Circle - Weekend Reflections

Last spring we went for a trip to Pacific City on the Oregon Coast.  This is a beautiful area.  Down the side of a sand dune, near the cave of eagles, I found this floating Sea Circle--reflecting the light of the sky.

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  1. that's really pretty, it's wonderful how you found the light reflections :)

  2. The green with the light bursting forth is so nice, and I am assuming it is a type of seaweed I have not seen before. The next time we visit Canon Beach I will have to look for it. That was the MOST BEAUTIFUL spot for a family visit with my son and his family. A lovely shot.

  3. Wonderful sea circle, very pretty how it floats and catches the light!

  4. It's beautiful, sissie - and a perfect circle!

    I found a cloud triangle on Cheryl's blog - you should check it out!