Sunday, October 30, 2011

Magic Lights

Our journey home from Spokane took us through Oregon's great Columbia Gorge.  My husband and I took our time, stopping frequently.  Just as the sun was setting we decided to pull off at a small park neither one of us had been to before.  The late sunshine slanted through the trees as we walked hand in hand to the edge of the waters.

It was beautiful--hard to describe the lovely magic of this place.  There was a colorful rainbow quality to the air and bits of cottonwood drifted through the sunshine like tiny faeries.  My husband and I swung in the swings and laughed like children.  The river sparkled its magical dreams.

The next day, I took a look at the photos from the park.  I gasped when I saw this picture.  An unexpected square of colorful reflections.  Probably a trick of the camera--but amazing all the same.

The qualities of our world, reflections, light, shapes of cloud, tree, hill and mountain will never cease to amaze my soul.

1 comment:

  1. What a unique effect! I don't know how that happened either! But it's very very cool!